A New Home

I have recently moved institution and moved country to join a project researching pronunciation in Te Reo Māori at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. The outcome will be an app that helps a speaker become more confident and fluent with their pronunciation of Te Reo. So I thought I should update my website and maybe give it a new home too. This is work in progress, as all my projects seem to be. It is still very much the boilerplate version of the Academic theme in Hugo Academic theme in Hugo. As you will probably note if you visit more than once, for a while there are still many default elements visible, hopefully over time this will start to morph into a more individual expression of my research.

On a technical side note regarding deploying a website: When I create a post the date is automatically assigned by blogdown but this date does not match the date for my site host (because it is US based) so my posts don’t become live until it is midnight in their timezone - This is easily fixed by changing the date when I initially create the post to the day before. I’m sure I will find many other idiosyncracies, but that is part of the fun.


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