MPAi: A pronunciation aid for Te Reo Māori

This is showcase of work on the prototype for a computer-based pronunciation tool providing users with real time feedback on the speaker’s own pronunciation of Te Reo Māori. The team, at the University of Auckland | Te Whare Wānanga o Tāmaki Makaurau, is led by Assoc. Prof. Catherine Watson and Dr Peter Keegan. 🚀

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A feedback aid for learning and consolidating pronunciation in Te Reo Māori


I have recently moved institution and moved country to join a project researching pronunciation in Te Reo Māori at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. The outcome will be an app that helps a speaker become more confident and fluent with their pronunciation of Te Reo. So I thought I should update my website and maybe give it a new home too. This is work in progress, as all my projects seem to be.


In this post I will test some of the audio capabilities of Hugo using HTML5 and Javascript.



Crosslinguistic Phonetics

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Some information about crosslinguistic Phonetics and Phonetic Tools for analysing Acoustic and Articulatory data in R.



This is a link to the EmuR Manual


This is a link to the MPAi pages external_link.


Speech Aerodynamics in Australian Languages

Deep-Learning and Speech

Speech and Machine Learning for Under-documented Languages


Lecturing and Tutoring

The University of Melbourne

I have coordinated the following courses at The University of Melbourne as a sessional lecturer (12 weeks x 2 Lectures):

  • LING20005: Introductory Phonetics
  • LING20009: Language in Aboriginal Australia
  • LING90001: Experimental Phonetics
  • LING90004: English Phonetics and Phonology

Latrobe University

At Latrobe University as a sessional lecturer (12 weeks x 1 Seminar + Tutorials):

  • LIN2PHP: Phonetics (LIN2SOL)

Guest Lecturer

  • LING10001: The Secret Life of Language (The University of Melbourne) - Semantics 4 Lectures
  • LIN2MKM: Making Meaning (Latrobe) - 2 Lectures (Semantics)


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